The redesign of the OIF - Portail Jeunesse was an ambitious project but very rewarding for our creative teams. The project aimed to revamp the website's aesthetic, navigation, and content layouts for an enhanced user experience. We set out to make it more trending while optimizing usability and overall visuals.

To enhance the design and user experience, our team crafted a modern layout that is both vibrant and dynamic to better connect with its target audience. Reorganizing content and simplifying navigation was also a priority in this mandate. Adding a mega menu to gather all the essential information of the portal now offers users a more intuitive browsing experience while allowing greater organizational flexibility for the website administrators. Thanks to the breadcrumb trail, users can quickly find their way around the site and navigate the content more intuitively.

Of course, we also applied accessibility standards to ensure a positive experience and access for all users, regardless of their browsing skills and abilities.


Mockups containing responsive webpages of the Portail Jeunesse website

Scroll Effect