The main goal of the International Observatory on Language Rights' website redesign project was to modernize its digital presence while improving the user experience. Every redesign project is unique, and we don't only pay attention to the visitor's frustrations and pain points but also the challenges faced by those managing and updating the website. Our goal is to make their site management experience as simple as possible.

With this in mind, our team worked with the International Observatory on Language Rights team to find solutions to automate various management tasks when publishing articles from the database. Search filters have also been integrated into certain pages to provide users with an optimal browsing experience and help them quickly find the information they want. Better article classification ultimately makes the experience much more efficient for everyone.

The previous site was designed in 2010, so you'll see from the before and after images below that this redesign project was a comprehensive effort in design, user experience, content structure, and accessibility. And as with all the sites we design, it is fully accessible and inclusive by meeting the WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria.

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Berfore and after mockup
Website mockups

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