With its new website, CAVOK Brewing Co wants to introduce its specialized and seasonal beers to its customers and be known as a brewer producing high-quality products. In a few words, here are the main objectives of the project:

  • Identify CAVOK Brewing co as a brewer to suppliers looking for a microbrewery or similar products. Ensure that CAVOK Brewing Co is found in search results with specific industry keywords.
  • Showcase CAVOK Brewing Co's product line, product quality and brewing process.
  • Encourage consumers to buy online.
  • Display the hours of operation and location for consumers who want to visit the brewery

Solutions that have been put into action to achieve these goals:

  • For optimal visibility in search engines, the website includes essential keywords in strategic locations. A page dedicated to the brewing process was proposed to include the necessary information and content to better rank on specific industry terms.
  • Products are featured directly on the home page so users can view and access them quickly.
  • Call-to-action buttons are located strategically to redirect users to the online store.
  • Business hours and location are displayed in a prominent space in the footer throughout the site.


Website mockups

Scroll Effect