Take control and ownership of your website with JOOMLA, a renowned and open-source solution.
At VOX Interactif, we have been working with open-source solutions since the beginning. Over the years, we have chosen the award-winning content management system (CMS) JOOMLA for most of our clients' projects because of its ease of use and extensibility, which have made it one of the most popular CMS available. Because this is an open-source solution, you pay no license fees, and you own all rights to the site (unlike solutions such as YellowPages, WIX, Webflow, or Squarespace). Your entire site, coding included, will be yours.

Finally, a way to get the website you want without the headache of doing it yourself or the frustration of trying to modify a template without help
This solution offers a lot of flexibility in managing the content of a website. It allows you to add an unlimited number of pages, modify menu items, give access to new administrators, and much more. We offer a variety of packages that allow for customization in design and functionality.

With its flexibility and scalability, it can grow with your needs from day one. And with our team of experts at VOX Interactif by your side every step of the way, we'll make sure everything goes smoothly! We will also provide training, so everyone in your team knows how to manage the site — and if they need more support after that point, we're just a phone call away!

Coupled with our hosting service, your site will benefit from multiple updates and an additional layer of protection against cyberattacks.

The main functions of the content management system are as follows:
  • Add/modify site content quickly with the user-friendly editor.
  • We will set up preconfigured fonts and styles in the editor to maintain consistency with your brand.
  • You can create links with just a few clicks, and inserting documents (PDF, Word, or other) is as easy as adding attachments to an email.
  • Upload and insert images to your pages from your device or computer.
  • Easy video integration with a user-friendly media manager.
  • Adding or editing submenu items is also possible for the administrator.
  • Able to add administrators and give them different levels of access.
  • Versioned content: You will never again lose an important previous version of your page or any other changes to your site. Track who made the changes, when they were made, and whether a version note was added when items were edited.
  • The built-in search tool or smart search feature will help your visitors to find the appropriate information on your website easily.
  • Sections (like News or Blog) can be organized by topic so that the latest or most popular articles are displayed on the homepage.
  • Possible integration with third-party services such as MailChimp, Instagram, or Eventbrite (with embedded code).
  • SEO-friendly

Visit joomla.org for all the details on this CMS platform.