On a website, accessibility means that all content can be read and all visuals and media can be viewed. Can you safely say that’s the case with your website?
For example, not everyone distinguishes colours the same way. Some users may have some colourblindness or be visually impaired. Some users may be viewing your site on screens with different brightness and contrast.

To make sure your content is easily accessible for all users, follow these essential accessibility rules:
  • Use colours with a good level of contrast, especially when you have text over a coloured background.
  • Make sure the font size is large enough, especially for the mobile version.
  • Adjust the line spacing and limit paragraph width to make your text more comfortable to read.
  • To comply with accessibility standards, use tools that will test the colour contrast of your website. See an example here: https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/.

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