On social media or on the web, you should always prioritize the quality of your content rather than quantity. Quality content on topics that really interest your targets will get the most engagement and, therefore, will more likely be seen and shared.

Here are some tips on creating quality and engaging content:
  • ake the time to clearly identify your target audience and their interests (what drives them, what are they looking for, what they like).
  • Choose the social networks that deserve the most effort and investment in time and money.
  • Adapt your messages and visuals (format) for each social platform.
  • Post regularly to create an interest and a habit with your subscribers. An excellent way to achieve this is to create a publication calendar from the start.
  • Don't "sell" too much, and don't talk too much about yourself. Stand out by sharing your expertise in ways that are attractive to your audience. Answer their questions and create content that can really help them.

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